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Robert Eldridge: Links

Hillbilly Inferno

A Gypsadelic Bluegrasstani Experience!

Hillbilly Inferno will take you on a musical journey from an easy blaze to a raging, rapid oxidation of music that will leave you smoldering for more. Deep roots and old-time influences spark against progressive acoustics and multi-cultural flavors, firing up a musical conflagration.

Putting the "MENTAL" in instrumental guitar!

If you are a guitar GEEK to the max such as I am.....this is a MUST site to check out!!!

Chris Ramey Music

Check out another talented friend and musician....Chris Ramey's psychedelic-funk-country-rock-reggae!!

Other Robert Eldridge related sites

IUMA site
buy downloads from YAHOO
buy individual songs here
European site
don't know where this site came from
Japanese site
Japanese site
Other MySPACE page
other stuff
Magic Bus Music Forum
another cool site for band with tools etc....
Unsigned -Robert Eldridge link
Virgin Digital-Robert Eldridge downloads-UK
another Robert Eldridge site in the UK for downloads
Linkedin Site-Robert Eldridge
business social networking site for Robert Eldridge-
Another Blog for Robert Eldridge
Interactive one where you can post....
My Soundclick site
another outside site and links to other Robert stuff...
Coffee and Guitar Sampler I am on
Coffee & Guitars - Vol: 1
Robert Eldridge BOARD
comments on my soundclick site message board...
Artist Launch
My Jambase Site
garage band dot com site
Audio Street Site
My band ZEUT
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