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Robert Eldridge: BLOG

Robert Eldridge News and Show - October 3, 2007

Hey Folks,

It has been a while. The last time I sent out an email to my list
was back in July. Since we last talked many things are changing in
my life for the better! My wife, Julie and I anxiously waiting for
the birth of our baby on the 24th of October and we are in the
process of getting things ready for the little one. We have no
choice but to get ready for this exciting day.

Also, I am currently working on my MBA in Accounting and Finance
through REGIS UNIVERSITY (one of Jesuit order of schools) and so far
it has not been a "cakewalk" whatsoever. I am really enjoying the
curriculum though. I know what you are saying. "You are crazy with
baby on the way, working full-time and playing music".

Speaking of music, I will be performing at the (NEW) Soiled Dove
Underground this Sat October 6th 2007 doing support for Alex Bugnon.
If you have not been to the NEW Soiled Dove Underground, then you are
surely missing out on one Denver's premier and classy music venues.
The doors open at 8pm with the show starting a 9pm. I will be
performing a 40-minute set.

Finally, I just received a rough copy of footage of one of my shows
recorded by cinematographer David Liban from the Walnut Room back in
July and I hope to start editing the footage when I get some
"blue-sky" to possibly have a DVD/CD release in 2008. We will see
:-) hope all is well and take care.

Thank for listening

Robert Eldridge

http://www.alexbugnon.com/ Or
P.s. I am playing a private dinner party at Chinook's on Friday
therefore I will resume regular Friday shows next week.... It is kind
of contingent upon "contractions :-)

Need a Sommelier-Contact Craig Beal - August 18, 2007

Need a Sommelier-Contact Craig P. Beal for Wine Consulting Events/Tastings
Cellar Management
720-280-3971 or e-mail him at Thewineguy777@msn.com

CDC: Don’t use that contact lens solution- AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution - May 27, 2007

Government officials are warning consumers not to use AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution, a contact lens solution used for cleaning and storing soft contact lenses, because use of the solution may be linked to an increased risk of a rare, yet severe eye infection, the Associated Press reports.

The warning was announced after an ongoing government investigation found a potential association between use of the contact lens solution and an increased risk of Acanthamoeba keratitis.

Acanthamoeba keratitis is a painful eye infection that can cause permanent vision loss or blindness. The CDC estimated 85 percent of U.S. cases of the disease occur in contact lens users. The solution of concern is manufactured by the Advanced Medical Optics Inc. based out of Santa Ana, California.

The possible connection between the use of AMO Complete Moisture Plus Multi-Purpose Solution and Acanthamoeba kertitis was first suspected in 2004 by a University of Illinois-Chicago ophthalmologist, Dr. Elmer Tu, who noticed more than a dozen cases of the eye infection. Normally, Dr. Tu sees no more than two cases in a year.

UIC doctors had treated 35 patients with Acanthamoeba kertitis between May 2003 and September 2006. Yu was cited by the AP as saying that about 55 percent of the cases used Advanced Medical Optics products exclusively.

According to the AP, UIC investigators believe amoeba, which is the infection agent, does not get into the solution during the manufacturing process, but that the solution does not prevent the eye infection. People can get the infection when they wear contact lens and swim.

The CDC in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is investigating 138 cases after they received reports on a possible link between the AMO contact lens solution and Acanthamoeba kertitis.

So far, 46 patients had been reviewed, among whom 36 used contact lenses and some sort of solution and 21 reported use of the AMO contact lens solution within a month of onset of symptoms, the AP reports.

AMO issued a statement Friday saying the company was "immediately and voluntarily recalling" the contact lens solution.

However, "There is no evidence to suggest that today’s voluntary recall is related to a product contamination issue and this does not impact any of AMO’s other contact lens care products, including our family of hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solutions," the statement said.

AMO said in its statement that “consumers who believe they are in possession of the recalled product should discontinue use immediately and call 1-888-899-9183. The company is currently contacting retailers, customers and distributors regarding return and replacement instructions.”

The CDC estimated that one or two out of one million of contact lens users are affected by Acanthamoeba keratitis, meaning that about 35 to 70 out of 35 million contact lens users in the US suffer from the infection each year.

For more information about the eye disease, read http://0-www.cdc.gov.mill1.sjlibrary.org/ncidod/dpd/parasites/acanthamoeba/factsht_acanthamoeba.htm

For more information about the CDC health advisory and study report, read the following cited from the CDC.

This is an official

Did you work at Cedar Point between 85-93? - April 30, 2007

Just trying to connect with old friends from Food Operations...at Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH...drop me a message


robert eldridge

My wife is pregnant!-YEA!! - March 16, 2007

I want a healthy baby. She is due around October 24th, 2007. It does not matter if it is a boy or girl. All I want is a healthy baby.

I will keep you posted

the ecstatic guitarist!

Robert Eldridge

DIA Nov 25, 2006-Day 3 playing at the Airport - November 25, 2006

Back again, Saturday...Thursday my wife and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went skiing ( my second time ever) up in Breckenridge. The weather was great. We came back to Denver ate Thanksgiving dinner at Chinook Tavern in Cherry Creek( excellent food and cuisine)...Today I was placed again at my favorite location, the south end of DIA in front of the security check in...I had great time again. This two year boy along with his father really got into one of my finger-picking ditties. You should have seen this kid. He was strumming along as if he had guitar. I asked his father if he had a guitar. Without hesitation, he said yes....that kid is going to be star...!...another great day...

DIA Nov 22, 2006-Day 2 playing at the Airport - November 22, 2006

Today I was placed in one of favorite parts of the Airport in the south end. The acoustic are fantastic. My guitar "mojo" was definetly one. It is shame that I cannot receive tips with this gig. I would have raked in the dough The city compensates the musician for their gift of music. While I was playing one of new songs(Unus Monasticas) that will be featured on future I had a music student major from Minnesota ask me if I made living off of music. I said, I don't, but I did tell him it is possible. I would have to charge more for weddings in the whole number game scheme. Anywho...great day

DIA Nov 21, 2006-Day 1 playing at the Airport - November 21, 2006

Today I was placed right before the security check it at concourse A near the office where many of the DIA employees walk in and out. At first it was kinda hard to get my guitar mojo going. After the first hour it was kinda like riding a bike. I had more comments from the TSA employees versus the passengers waiting to get their bags scrutinized for the usual TSA guideline for luggage etc.. It was nice seeing previous employees at the airport hang out and listen to me pluck out what I do best on the guitar. One guy stated one of my compositions sounded the beginning of Hotel California and I somwhat scoffed not blatantly at him Yeah....I..He also said, that anyone who could play like that is a picker...I guess I felt flattered at his comment. Overall, It was a good first day all four hours. Do it again tommorrow.

Holiday Giveaway from Robert Eldridge(FREE) - November 16, 2006

Hey guys,

Here's the catch...I will send you a personalized burned and signed
copy of my OUT OF PRINT disc MUSIC for NPR from 5 years ago if you
purchase 4 or more individual DIGITAL DOWNLOADED songs from my
current disc ECLECTIC AND MENTAL GUITAR MUSIC-solo guitar-Vol 1 & 2
on Apples iTunes.(International Fans-the purchase must be 7 or more
copies of the current disc)

or any of the other digital download services that carries my
music....(e.g. Yahoo, MusicNet, Verizon Wireless, Sony Music Connect,
Napster or MSN Music)

All you have to do is forward a copy of the receipt of purchase with
a Valid purchase ID via e-mail along with your snail mail address and
BINGO...I will send you a free copy of MUSIC for NPR...It only puts
you out 4 to 7 bucks...thats a Deal.....:-)


Robert Eldridge

p.s. For more info -Go to http://www.roberteldridge.com
This offer expires 12-31-06

Guitarist Available for Weddings & Corporate etc... - October 10, 2006

Hey folks,

just getting geared for the holiday season with bookings....drop me a line if you are interested...

Robert E.

Played RED ROCKS last night! - August 25, 2006

What a rush!...It was an very incredible experience I cannot adequately put into words. I would like to thank all of the people that came out and supported this charity event set up by the members of OPIE GONE BAD. This is what dreams are made of.....

24- a great show - August 1, 2006

The show 24 is an incredible show. My wife and I are totally addicted to the show. We just rented the first 4 Seasons through NETFLIX and are currently downloading Season 5 through MYSPACE. We are looking forward to JAN of 07 for Season 6.

On TV tonight.... - July 5, 2006

Hey guys,

If you happen to be up tonight at 1AM, then check out ColoradoRock after Austin City Limits on the local PBS KBDI tonight....a show I played at Andolini's a few months back recorded live or TIVO it....


th e&MG

Just Turned 40 today.... - May 10, 2006

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just Turned 40 today....

Hmmm......a new decade of creativity....



SOLD OUT - March 27, 2006

Hey guys,

The Spring Blossom Wine Train I am playing at the end of the month is SOLD OUT!...Sorry for all the people who did not get tickets...anywho, feel free to check out my music on the home page or MYSPACE

or MySPACE page(featuring music from my newest CD)

or the other stuff MYSPACE page (featuring music from my CD MUSIC for NPR

there is a free download on that site...CELTIC CANTER is available for a free download....

keep diversity in your life

robert eldridge

the eclectic and mental guitarist

Flamenco Esquizofrenico(recorded LIVE from the FOX last year)-Available for the next 24hours FREE DOWNLOAD - February 17, 2006

More PBS music placement - February 9, 2006

Robert Eldridge's music is being picked again for two different PBS shows in March.

The Alaska Wilderness League and the Colorado Rocky Mountain School are two shows his music are being used for.

Visionaries Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of media to tell stories of positive social change throughout the world, produced both shows.

The Visionaries is hosted by acclaimed actor Sam Waterston, star of Law & Order, I'll Fly Away, and The Killing Fields.

Check out Robert Eldridge's "Eclectic and Mental Guitar Music-solo guitar" on CD Baby at http://www.cdbaby.com/eldridge

Matisyahu----Respect--- - January 20, 2006

....Sometimes the world is dark and I just can't see
With these, demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity
But I believe, yes I believe, I said I believe
I'll stand on my own two feet
Won't be brought down on one knee
Fight with all of my might and get these demons to flee...........

Matisyahu-"King without a crown"

Destroying our Freedoms to make us free! - January 20, 2006

Destroying our Freedoms to make us free!..what hypocrisy or is it oxymoronic....you tell me!

KQMT-99.5 The Mountain - January 2, 2006

I don't think my ears are deceiving me, I am listening to THE MOUNTAIN here in Denver and I think OZ formerly of KBCO is on the air right now. This is a very cool day in Denver radio having Oscar Medina on 99.5 The Mountain. RocK oN OZ!....

Just got back from the East Coast - December 30, 2005

Hey guys,

My wife and I just got back from the east coast. Last Friday, we flew into Baltimore International Airport on a horrible flight on Frontier Airlines. It was not the flight per se. It was the the 450lb guy that sat next to Julie and on our flight that was awful. Let's not talk about that situation. We visited Julie's brother Jim and his family(Oliva, Sue, Ben and Martha-Julie's Mom) in Virgina Beach, VA. I had a great time relaxing during Christmas. They have the coolest and smartest dog name Bear. Bear is a border collie mix and demostrates incredible discipline. On the 26th we drove to Charleston, WV taking our time on 64 West going through Richmond, VA, Charlotte, VA, Lewisburg, WV and finally Charleston. I had great time visiting with my mother, aunt jean and my sister Venise( who flew in from NYC). Unfortunately, my sister Alicia did not get to spend time with us. I talked with her on the phone in Atlanta. Also, went and visited some of my other aunts on my dad side of the family (Kerry, Lucille, and Betty)On the 28th, I played down at the world famous EMPTY GLASS in Charleston, WV. I apparently had a pretty good show that night despite having the worst stomach and GI problems that night and also want to thank everyone who came out including my mother's friends (Claire, Ann Drew, Kitty, Judy Grigoraci and the Grigoraci and the Daughtery's). I also want to thank Jamie & Lisa( I am glad I finally met you) and my cousing Chris. Dave Nestman and his wife Nancy as well and all of you who bought my CD.... On the 29th Julie and I drove back to Baltimore to catch our Friday flight this morning...I have a little bit of jet lag...Anywho...I will talk to you later....

We logged about 1995miles driving in the rental

rob ;-)

-iWEBTOOL-Backlink checker-try it - December 8, 2005

Your domain:
  (eg. iwebtool.com)

Another RE site - December 4, 2005

a snippet of me on local FOX 31 tonight 9pm - November 23, 2005

I will be on Local Fox 31 tonight at 9pm. I was part of the International Music Series at Denver International Airport-...just a FYI

Disc on Ebay - November 18, 2005

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